TEXSA S.A. is a company, founded in 1954, that manufactures and markets products for roofing / waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation and geotextiles, as well as the corresponding auxiliary materials for each of these fields, for building and civil works.

Its products are sold in over 46 countries, 13 of which operate through own subsidiaries and the rest through commercial offices and local distributors.

TEXSA Group has production sites in Castellbisbal (Spain), Cervera (Spain), Altamira (Mexico), Correggio (Italy) Alpiarça (Portugal) Jaipur (India) Bogota (Colombia) and Lyon (France).

But TEXSA is more than this; its history is closely linked to the building sector with important contributions, in the way of advances that have acquired worldwide recognition.

Architects, engineers, applicators and distributors from all over the world have collaborated closely with TEXSA Group to obtain new products and systems capable of overcoming the architectural challenges of the 21st century.

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