Panespol® makes fine-quality, classic,contemporary, and innovative polyurethane-based coverings for walls, for surfaces, for whatever you dare to dream about for any imaginable project.We provide stunningly realistic imitations (such as our classic brickwork or concrete finishes)……or entirely NATURAL surrounds, yes, the real thing, no fakes (such as our Natural Moss range or Natural Stones range).

Panespol® systems are inventions for INVENTIVE people with PRACTICAL aims, professionals who need magic chameleon effects, elegant makeovers, but with no building work involved.

Trouble-free transitions to create that desired mood for interiors and exteriors.

Our materials are light, easy-to-assemble (it’s kids’ stuff, like doing a puzzle), strong, safe, and time-saving… and aesthetically pleasing. And our panels are adaptable, paintable, and can fit any space.

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