JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels : presents acoustic treatment panels that blend well with any decoration and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls. The development and improvement of these panels were done with the help of computerised calculus and analysis, in order to determine their characteristics and optimise their practical application, thus ensuring the excellence of our products. We always look for originality, technological innovation, durability, cost and promptness.

JOCAVI GROUP offers a complete range of acoustic panels divided into (3) different brands JOCAVI® High Performance Ac. Panels, ATP® Cost-effective Ac. Panels & Music Accessories, AS® Diffusing Acoustic Shells and IN Industrial Insulation.

We have the solution for the most demanding ears, be it for Auditoriums, Concert halls, Audio Studios, Video Studios, Radios, TV’s station, Cinemas, Sports halls, Industrial pavilions, Swimming Pools, Public Spaces, Commercial, offices etc., even for your own listening room at home. JOCAVI® presents acoustic treatment panels which blend well with any decoration and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls.
IN® brand – by Jocavi®

Thinking about industrial Insulation and on the construction business segment, Jocavi made this line of products to face big space applications such as manufacturing industries, large hangars, public transport bays and sport stadiums. This range of products completes our product range. You can find from this product line, various products for soundproofing and noise absorption such as self-adhesive insulation rolls, anti-vibration hardware elements, sandwich damping noise, acoustic ink and metal perforated acoustic panels.
IN® Products Catalogue, 2015 – View here / .pdf Download - 12,5 Mb

ECOiso® brand – by Jocavi®

Following an ecological philosophy, JOCAVi® has designed this line of acoustic insulation and treatment materials, which are made exclusively from natural raw-materials, like cork and coconut fibre … (see the videos / Download Brochure / Product Webpage)
QuadCORK® is an anti-vibration insulation and acoustic treatment product with a high degree of thermal insulation as well. The outstanding behavior of the Expanded Cork Agglomerate…. Video/ Download Brochure / Product Webpage

ATP® brand – by Jocavi®

The cost-effective brand with easy installation Packs. It was created in October 2009 and inherited the quality of its products from the Group’s experience. ATP® maximizes the supply of JOCAVI’s group acoustic products in markets with more limited budgets.

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